Warning: You Might Fall in Love with Palawan’s Waterfalls
23 Aug 2015

Warning: You Might Fall in Love with Palawan’s Waterfalls

Estrella Falls

It is located in Narra, Palawan. The clear water of Estrella Falls will give you a refreshing feeling. The green surrounding will give you more relaxation and peace of mind. Of course, if you do not want a crowd, do not visit the falls on weekends. There is a fee to get in which might cost P250 – P500. But it’s worth it because you will have a nice covered tables in your cottage and also the convenience of a comfort room. There are also monkeys in the place but it is prohibited to feed them. So just watch and let them play around.

Estrella Falls- Palawan

Estralla Fall located in Narra, Palawan

Salakot Waterfalls

It is located in Napsan, Puerto Princesa City. Salakot Waterfalls might be one of your favorite places in Palawan because of its solitude and natural untouched beauty. But you have to bring your own mosquito repellant, sun block, towels and food because there is no one there to offer services. The cool water of the Salakot Waterfalls is a sweet taste of paradise. If you are a nature-lover, you will surely enjoy the green forests and other animals that live there. So swim and dive, live and laugh.

salakot falls- palawan philippines

Salakot Waterfalls located in Napsan, Puerto Princesa Palawan

Image courtesy of mypuertoprincesa.net

Bulalakaw Waterfalls

There is a big and small Bulalakaw Falls (some people call it Bulalacao falls). The big one is 70-feet high and pours a thin veil of water yet thick enough to run a powerful stream as it hits the ground. The small falls of Bulalakaw Falls is a lot more accessible and swimmable. It is surprisingly calm and inviting. The hike to the Big Falls is about two hours while it only takes 30 minutes to go to the Small Falls.

Bulalakaw Falls, Palawan

Bulalakaw or Bulalacao Falls

Nagkalit-Kalit Falls

This falls is located deep in the forest and an hour away from El Nido by jeep. You will also have a wonderful trek in the jungle which will make you want to go back here again. Trekkers and mountaineers need to hike for around 30 – 45 minutes before reaching the falls.Treks to Nagkalit-kalit falls are scheduled between June to December. There is a rare or no trek during summer because the changing climate dries up the river that supplies water to the waterfall.

nagkalit-kalit falls- Palawan Philippines

Nagkalit- kalit falls is an hour away from El Nido by jeep

Image courtesy of gopalawan.travel

Olanguan Waterfalls

Want to have a memorable and exciting travel? Olanguan Waterfalls is the best for you. From Barangay Binduyan, you will cross 7 small river crossings and around 30 minutes walk to reach the falls. Along  the way, you will really appreciate the beauty of nature, the tall trees, large stones and small fish. And when you reach the Olanguan Fall, all your efforts will be rewarded by its beauty and serenity.

Olanguan waterfalls- Palawan Philippines

Don’t let your adventurous self wait any longer. Don’t always stay at home, stay in the beautiful hotels in Palawan for an affordable price. Tour around, meet new people, learn new habits and discover more about Palawan. Fall in love with these waterfalls, fall in love with nature.


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