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26 Oct 2016

El Nido: A Great Place to Stay and Play

Do you love island hopping, swimming and snorkeling? If yes, well, there are other water activities that you will surely like when you visit Palawan. Get to know more about the exciting activities you will experience in El Nido! Get wet, wild and free! Windsurfing Yes, El Nido isn’t the first place that comes to mind when talking about windsurfing but it is a great place to learn how to do it. You can rent windsurfing gear from the Art...

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17 Oct 2016

5 Easy Steps on How to Make a Successful Travel Plan

  Traveling is a way to  relax your body and mind from all the stress and problems. Most people go into traveling during their vacation but you can always take a break anytime you feel the need to if you just know how to make a travel plan. Because traveling is a great way to unwind but it can be a huge mess too if you do not plan too well. Here are some easy steps to help you enjoy...

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