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27 Jul 2016

Stunning Places in Palawan that will Truly Amaze You

Looking for something that would take your breath away? Something that will thrill you and make you speechless? Then you have to visit Palawan. Yes,a true paradise here on earth because of its magnificent tourist spots and very friendly people. Do you want to see it for yourself? Better book online now and get affordable Palawan tour packages. Here are the places that would make you excited and proud! Puerto Princesa Underground River Photo courtesy of Did you know...

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How to Find the Best Deal When Booking Hotel/Accommodation Online

    Finding accommodation is one of the most difficult but exciting tasks when planning for your travel. You have two options if you want to find the best accommodation: book online or find a place as a walk-in guest. Finding a place on the day is a bit risky because hotels might be full and you might end up sleeping in the street with all of your backpacks and suitcases. So better choose the first option which is to...

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