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#ElNidoSummer2016: Top Things To Experience in El Nido Palawan This Summer

You don’t have to go too far or go abroad just to have a taste of a wonderful paradise. It’s just here in our beloved country. El Nido, Palawan is one of the top summer vacations in the Philippines and if you haven’t been in the place, here are the exciting things that you are missing! Scuba Diving If you like underwater adventure, scuba diving is the best for you. It is best to do it in El Nido, Palawan...

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According to Chinese Feng Shui experts, water is the dominant element for 2013. Did you know that turtles are considered as the luckiest water creatures in Chinese mythology? Foreign and local tourists go to Palawan for Ecological tourism. Aside from the endemic birds and crocodiles, turtles are the object of fascination and wonder in Palawan. THE FOUR TURTLES OF PALAWAN The Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Known as “Kutuan”, this variety of turtles are abundant in Cuyo, Palawan up to the far...

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11 Jan 2013

Tubbataha Palawan

Ever since hearing about Tubbataha, I’ve wanted to go there. It was at a dinner party talking to someone who had just accompanied a team from National Geographic to the site when I got hooked. His description made the marine sanctuary sound mythical. Adding to the allure was that Tubbataha is reachable only after a 10 hour boat ride from Puerto Princesa. Palawan Resorts. No day-trippers here. It’s visited mainly by scuba divers (snorkeling is not allowed) who come on designated...

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