Palawan Travel Ideas: Rounding-up the 10 things you should do in Palawan, Philippines
13 Dec 2015

Palawan Travel Ideas: Rounding-up the 10 things you should do in Palawan, Philippines

It’s been a while since we give and share our thoughts on how you will spend your Palawan vacation. We shared a series of articles that talks about the best place to visit, the best food to eat and the best hotels in both El Nido, Palawan and Puerto Princesa. This 10-things-round-up is another take from Manila Bulletin’s lifestyle section published months ago and actually worth sharing.

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Beach- El Nido Palawan

  1. Swim in crystal clear waters just around the city.
  2. Enjoy the view from the top. Prefer mountains over beaches? Palawan has something for you, too. If you’re a newbie climber, take the 700 steps up Mount Tapyas at Coron.
  3. Make new friends at a hostel. Dingy beds, cramped rooms, crowded bathrooms, run-down facilities, and indifferent “bahala na kayo diyan” service are a few things that come to mind when you suggest they stay at a hostel.
palaweno brewery- seacologia

Sample their different craft beer

  1. Drink Palawan craft beer. Take a tour of Ayahay Palaweño Brewery, the first tour of its kind in the country, and sample their different craft beer and food pairings.
  2. Wine and dine by the beach. After a long day of tours, road trips or flights, Blue Palawan is the perfect place to chill out, have a hearty meal, and sip cocktails in—right next to the beach.  ***Want to book your next Palawan trip, send us an inquiry here:***
  3. Stay in Sabang after visiting the Underground River. Most tourists go to Sabang to see Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River, which was voted as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature. But after everyone leaves around late afternoon, you can enjoy having the beach to yourself.
  4. Have a taste of history. Palawan sheltered Vietnamese refugees after the Vietnam War, and most of them settled in Vietville, near Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa.
    Green Environment + Deep blue sea= Paradise

    Green Environment + Deep blue sea= Paradise

  5. Catch a colorful sunset in El Nido. Since the beach on Bacuit Bay in El Nido town is tucked behind mountains and limestone cliffs, catching a good view of the sunset may be a bit of a challenge.
  6. Party in Puerto Princesa. While it’s not as wild as Boracay, Puerto Princesa has a few spots to let loose on a Friday or Saturday night.
  7. Give back. Yes, Palawan is paradise on earth, but it’s also at risk of environmental degradation, while many of its locals are living in poverty, without access to basic services such as health care, quality roads, or education.

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