Conserving Paradise: Ways to Protect Palawan
9 Apr 2015

Conserving Paradise: Ways to Protect Palawan


This is the question environmentalists would ask to anyone who will ignore campaigns on saving the environment – and they shouldn’t be ignored.

      How good it is to breath fresh air, swim in clean waters and eat fresh food. You can rarely experience it in the cities, but here in Palawan, there are places that you can call paradise. Palawan is the largest island in the Philippines which serves as a refuge to more than a hundred terrestrial and marine species.  With the, now very affordable, El Nido, Coron and Puerto Princesa tour packages, you can visit different tourist spots and you can say to yourself how lucky you are for having the opportunity to enjoy the amazing sceneries.

       Many Filipinos are still foreign in this part of the country that is why citizens and tourists in Palawan should learn to conserve Palawan’s ecosystem so that the next generations can still experience and see its beauty.

      We, at Seacologia Travel and Tours, would want to help in conserving this natural beauty, hope that this short list we created would help ordinary people in saving and conserving Palawan.

1. Volunteering in Ecological Restoration

      Aside from the government, there are many concerned Non-Government Organizations or NGOs who initiate ecological restoration. You can join them to restore the natural habitat for native species wherein the most popular ones are the Philippine Cockatoo, Palawan Peacock Pheasant, and Philippine Pond Turtle. While helping, you are also learning about the local plants and animals.

2. Reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers

      If you have your own garden or farm, it is better to limit your use of pesticides and fertilizers especially if you are near lakes or streams. It can greatly affect the animals and plants living in that area. (read harmful effects of pesticides here)

3. Buying organic food

    Buying organic food also helps to reduce people in using pesticides and fertilizers. Shops and supermarkets should also cooperate and start to sell organic food. Patronize stores and restaurants in Palawan that use and serve organic food.

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

      We often hear this but are we really following it? The less we use any products, the more we can reduce the demand for new resources. In line with this, less waste goes  into landfill making Palawan a more beautiful place to live in.

      These steps in conservation are not hard if we truly care for our environment. We should protect Palawan’s biodiversity hand in hand. We should also do this in any place that needs our care and protection. With this, we can all live in a better and safer and place.

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