11 Jan 2013



SIETE PICADOS : is a Cluster of 7 islets in a marine protection area. With an abundance of corals and fish of many colurs . One of Coron best snorkeling sites .

TWIN LAGOON : has a small opening in a limestone wall linking two lagoons. Enjoy the limestone walls and coral reefs, . At low tide swim the narrow channel between the lagoons, at high tide swim the underwater tunnel.

KAYANGAN LAKE : One of the Philippine’s cleanest lajes. Take a dip in the refereshing turquoise waters . The refreshing lake is lined by sheer limestone cliffs.

91 BEACH is a small , white sandy beach with crystal clear waters and plenty of underwater wildlife to explore.

BANOL BEACH : is one just CORON Islands many white sand beaches,

BARACUDA LAKE : The lake is hidden betweemn cliffs after a 15 minute step trek . There is a strong thermal layer at 14m and a resident baracuda that is said to haunt its waters – so a great place and perfect for diving,

SKELETON WRECK : the keel and ribs of a 25m long steel boat is good for snorkeling . Close to 91 Beach.

MAKINIT HOTSPRINGS with warm therapeutic volcanic waters can be reached by lang or sea . A stop -off point to relax after a hot day on a boat.

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