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Getting a glimpse of Palawan Island

The island of Palawan and its provinces has been blessed with nature in the country. It is enveloped with beautiful rain forests marvelous diving sites, magnificent mountains, caves and unspoiled beaches.

El Nido Palawan- Free Fly Promo Though Palawan has many resorts, and budget accommodations they make sure that the ecological and the environment of Palawan Island are carefully preserved.

If you are planning to visit Palawan, Philippines, this is the site that will give you information and guide you to enjoy spending time of our wonderful place. We have complete offer of Palawan resorts and hotels.

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Amanpulo Resort - Palawan Resorts Hotel

Rate Start @ USD 900++

Apulit Island Resort - Palawan Resorts Hotels Philippines

Rate Start @ Php 18,908

Asturias Hotel - Palawan Resorts Hotel ASTURIAS HOTEL
Rate Start @ Php 2,500
Club Paradise Resort Palawan

Rate Start @ USD 130

Crystal Paradise Resort - Palawan Resorts Hotel CRYSTAL PARADISE RESORT
Rate Start @ Php 5,400
Coral Bay Resort - Cheapest Palawan Resort Philippines CORAL BAY RESORT
Rate Start @ Php 2,200
Dive Link Resort - Cheapest Palawan Tour Package Philippines DIVE LINK RESORT
Rate Start @ Php 3,600
Dos Palmas Resort - Palawan Resort Philippines DOS PALMAS RESORT
Rate Start @ Php 7,800
El Nido Miniloc Resort | Palawan Resort Philippines EL NIDO MINILOC RESORT
Rate Start @ Php 19,715
El Nido Lagen Resort - El Nido Palawan Resort Philippines EL NIDO LAGEN RESORT
Rate Start @ Php 22,252
El Rio Y Mar Resort | Palawan Resort Philippines EL RIO Y MAR RESORT
Rate Start @ USD 140
Flower Island Resort - Palawan Cheapest Resort FLOWER ISLAND RESORT
Rate Start @ USD 112
Hillside Resort - Palawan Resorts Philippines HILLSIDE RESORT
Rate Start @ Php 1,395
Hotel Fleuris - Cheapest Palawan Hotel Philippines HOTEL FLEURIS
Rate Start @ Php 4,000
Kokosnuss Garden Resort - Palawan Beach Resort Philippines KOKOSNUSS GARDEN RESORT
Rate Start @ USD 32
Legend Palawan - Cheapest Palawan Tour Package Philippines LEGEND PALAWAN
Rate Start @ Php 4,150
Modessa Island Resort - Palawan Beach Resort Philippines MODESSA ISLAND RESORT
Rate Start @ Php 4,740
Pangulasian Island Resort - Palawan Philippines PANGULASIAN ISLAND RESORT
Rate Start @ Php
Sangat Islan Resort - Palawan Beach Island Resort Philippines SANGAT ISLAND RESORT
Rate Start @ USD 83
Sheridan Beach and Spa - Palawan Hotel Philippines SHERIDAN BEACH AND SPA
Rate Start @ Php 7,000
Choose your resorts now and be amazed with the beauty of Palawan. Get the best and cheapest Palawan tour package Philippines!
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