In Spanish, it can mean Princess of Ports. Some folks say a lovely  but mysterious , princess-like maiden paced the seashore at certain times of the year  a long, long time ago. Or  it could be the restless haunt of a babaylan, a native priestess and witch doctor who knew how to summon and quiet natures restlessness.

Others claimed the name of sprung form the unique geographical location of the city that protected it form the vagaries of weather and a harbor depth that allowed ships  of all sizes to dock. Thruly, all these made the harbor in the city a priced princess among ports.

Yet, historical records bear that the little was given in honor of Princess Eulalia of Spain. She was born in 1864 to the reigning  monarch , Queen isabella  II, and her consort , Dr. Francis de Asis . The princess met en untimely death , and the grieving queen named the harbor city after her. The princess must be remembered , and named after it is a city with a harbor of such prime and strategic value.

From the midst of time , the harbor city emerged as Puerto princesa , the capital of Majestic Palawan . It is the home another legend , The legend palawan , where the thrills and adventures of a lifetime can begin.



Watch the sun descend long the horizon while cruising around Puerto princesa Bay through the winding Iwahig River. You may wish to windsurf, kayak, or ride the hobbie cat. When night falls, get whisked to a cool evening ride, gently easing into the Palawan waters. Quietly watch the fireflies pu on a magic show of their own, lighting up tree with tiny dancing, flickering lights amidst the vast mangrove forest. Pan your flashlights into the water , where small fishes jump and dance as well.


In Coron Bay, you have some of the bext wreck diving in ASIA. The wrecks are being well preserved and bristling with marine life. Unitl now more than 12 of them are known. Experience PADI Diving Instructors will accompany you.

Nothing matches the thrill exploring a big wreck. Explore also coral reefs, shoal of fishes, barracudas, mantas, caverns, drop-offs and a hot volcanic lake, We arrange for you and good valued dives and courses with PADI Open Water Certficate




DISCOVERY DIVERS is the perfect quiet and tranquil place to relax. Wake up in he morning to sound of the brids and open your eyes to a spectacular view of the bay.

All the cottages use local natural materials to keep the rooms cool. They are tile floored and available with twin or triple -beds with ensuite shower, sink and toilet. ALL rooms have fans.

CALL or e-mail best rates for room only, room and food package, full dive package or full island hooping package,

Our contact nos: +632 5715989 / 09192105188


Comprising 680 of the Philippine archipelago’s more than 7,000 islands , the Calamianes chain presents  a rare opportunity for travelers to explore several natural attractions in one destination. There are lush mangrove forest traversed by quiet rivers that flow out to the sea, where colorful birds can be seen during late afternoon boat rides. Scuba divers love to descend crystal -clear waters of the lakes that lie hidden in the massive rocky outcrops of Coron Island. Around most of the islands stunning coral reefs provide a colorful playground for a wide variety of fish and other undersea creatures. Near Calauit Island lucky divers and snorkelers may spot the elusive dugong or sea cow which feeds on sea grass or the endangered marine turtle.


With some 4 hectares of land area, is idly set in a cove enveloped by rich greens. lagen has one of the best birdwatching sites ans is haven to a high diversity of flora and fauna. Service is topnotch- from it’s club house that caters to every fun and business need to its fantastic  range of marine sports facilities. Tours to bring you to the most awesome sights are available. First class accommodations is a guarantee.

So, consider your trip to EL NIDO LAGEN where PARADISE found…..



SIETE PICADOS : is a Cluster of 7 islets in a marine protection area. With an abundance of corals  and fish of many colurs . One of Coron best snorkeling sites .

TWIN LAGOON : has a small opening in a limestone wall  linking two lagoons. Enjoy the limestone walls and coral reefs, . At low tide swim the narrow channel between the lagoons, at high tide swim the underwater tunnel.

KAYANGAN LAKE : One of the Philippine’s cleanest lajes. Take a dip in the refereshing turquoise waters . The refreshing lake is lined by sheer limestone cliffs.

91 BEACH  is a small , white sandy beach with crystal clear waters and plenty of underwater wildlife to explore.

BANOL BEACH : is one just CORON Islands many white sand beaches,

BARACUDA LAKE : The lake is hidden betweemn cliffs after a 15 minute step trek . There is a strong thermal layer at 14m and a resident baracuda that is said to haunt its waters – so a great place and perfect for diving,

SKELETON WRECK : the keel and ribs of a 25m long steel boat is good for snorkeling . Close to 91 Beach.

MAKINIT HOTSPRINGS with warm therapeutic volcanic waters can be reached by lang or sea . A stop -off point to relax after a hot day on a boat.



Inclusions : 3 Days 2 Nights Accommodation, Airport Transfers, Daily Breakfast

CORON TOWN TOUR : Mt. Tapyas View Deck, Souvenir Shop, Town Plaza, Harbor Center, Maquinit Hot Spring Dip.

CORON ISLAND TOUR WITH PICNIC LUNCH :Kayangan Lake, Siete Picados Marine Sanctuary, Twin Lagoons, CYC Beach,

Other inclusions : All Entrance Fees, land and boat rentals, Tour Guide

For individual and group tour package, please inquire or call @ +63 2 5715989; +63 9192105188; +63 9272595868


Puerto Princesa Underground River , a UNESCO World Heritage

IN just a month, the Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan could be named one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, an accolade that could bring tremendous economic, social and tourism benefits to the Philippines.

Already a Unesco World Heritage Site, the underground river which is in barangay Sabang, 81 kilometers north of the city, has been voted one of the final 28 sites for the New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign, a contest which aims to attract more than 1 billion votes from 220 nations across the world.

Known as the Philippines’ last biodiversity frontier, Palawan, which hosts the underground river, is blessed with the breathtaking beauty with its white-sand beaches, lush forest, wildlife parks and natural wonders.

The underground river, also known as the St. Paul or Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, is an 8.2-kilometer navigable underground river that runs beneath the limestone karst mountain that flows directly into the South China Sea. It is believed to be the longest underground river in Asia.

Navigating the complex underground river, one can see visible formations of stalactites and stalagmites that have developed over 20 million years.

Among the many wonders of nature, the underground river needs to win the honor to be included in the next seven new wonders of nature, Hagedorn said. With only a month to go, it needs to garner support as the voting closes on November 11, 2011.

No other than President Aquino has been encouraging Filipinos to vote by texting PPUR to 2861 to push the country’s only entry to the worldwide campaign as a way to elevate the Philippines’ status as top international destination.

The Switzerland-based New7Wonders Foundation has challenged the nations who hosted the 28 candidate sites with a two-year campaign to attract enough votes to win the title. The contest aims to raise awareness of the incredible variety and beauty of nature in the planet.

Club Paradise Resort , PALAWAN RESORT

Nestled in Dimakya  Island Coron , Palawan. CLUB PARADISE RESORT is a 19 hec sanctuary with a beachfront stretching up to some 700 meters. the island is home to various land and water wild life. Accommodation types here are sectioned into three-. Sunrise beach, Sunset Beach and Islandview rooms. Phases one and two are contemporary version of Filipino huts . Phase tree the island view rooms house apartment type rooms and the Junior Suites . The structure stands on the side of the hills and faces the natural lagoon,All room amenities here are made for luxury and comfort from air-conditioning system to well appointed toilet and bath . Other facilities of Club Paradise are Dugong Bar, for cocktails, Jungle Bar, the secluded native style bar that serves unique cocktail drink,

The guest officers of the resort make sure every guest get all and pampering they well deserve….