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The El Rio y Mar Resort Palawan is set amidst 500 meters stretch of beach, distinctive panoramic view with enchanting mangroves and its breathtaking neighboring islands in Palawan. Guest  can also relax in the well-maintained infinity pool with cool spring water or indulge in a cool drink at the Port Caltom’s Reef Bar.

The El Rio y Mar Resort Palawan can arranged various activities with trips and tours.

Island Escapade – Spend time alone with friends and loved ones in a beautiful uninhabited island. Choose from our romantic island destinations.

Island Hopping – Hop into our boats as we tour you to three uninhabited islands. Surely, the sights, both above and underwater will not fail to enthrall you.

Bottom Hopping – In lieu of a fishing rod, try your luck with a reel of nylon and some bait out in the open sea. If you do get lucky, bring back your catch and we’ll cook it for you.

Calauit Wildlife Safari Tours – Take a trip to the Philippines’ premiere wildlife sanctuary, Calauit Island. See various species of exotic and endangered Philippine-bred African animals as well as Palawan endemic animals roaming freely.

Coron Island Tour – Spend a whole day exploring awe-inspiring sights of Coron Island – a definite must-see visit Cayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoons, Siete Picados, Maquinit Hot Springs and Coron Town.

Dugong Watching – The dugong (sea cow) is an endangered marine mammal which can measure up to 3m long and weigh 400kg, and feeds on seagrass. Dimakya is one of the few areas in the world where dugongs can be observed in their natural habitat.

KokosNuss Garden Resort Palawan

KokosNuss Garden Resort Palawan – Palawan Resorts Accommodations

KokosNuss Resort Coron Palawan the place where you can relax. KokosNuss is located in Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Rounded hills covered in open grasslands, rivers, jungles, mangrove swamps, mountains and rocks. It’s a wild remote area.

Coron Island Palawan – The main island surrounded by more than 80 smaller islands with emerald clear water, pristine white sand beaches and corals, bubbling of marine life. The small fishermen’s town Coron is the best basis for adventurers, nature-lovers and divers for expeditionss.We organize tours to the highlights of the Calamianes. Or just have a sweet time. Hang around and relax in our cozy exotic garden and enjoy the snacks and cool drinks served by our friendly girls. Take your pleasure of the Philippines Easy Way of Life.. visit Palawan Islands.

Discover Coron, Palawan – Busuanga and its islands offer you some of the most spectacular and varied environments in the Philippines.

KokosNuss Garden Resort Services includes the following:

  • Coron Island Tours, snorkeling, swimming, beaching, climb and snorkel the enchanting Cayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake, navigate through beautiful hidden lagoons and bays – sometimes populated by the native Tagbanua-Tribe of northern Palawan.
  • Island Hopping tothe numerous islands of the Calamianes Group of Islands.
  • Hiking and Climbing. We give you a reliable guide or the necessary tips for your private tours.
  • Sea and Dive Safaris customer tailored Scuba dive or snorkel the famous ship wrecks, coral gardens, caves, undersea, hot sources, swim in crystalline water, sunbathe on pristine white beaches, relax and dream while we navigate through the beautiful islands of the Calamianes.
  • Motorbiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Wildlife Safaris

ABORLAN – Palawan Resorts Destination

How aborlan got its name has many legends. One traces its origin to the “Abel nan”, a legendary tree belonging to the gods, who inhabited the place. Another tells how two men who went fishing for the first time in Aborlan. They were frightened by the rise and fall of the tide, so they asked Abenlan from which came the name Aborlan, “Aborland” as the place was once a haven for wild boars. It was only on June 28, 1949 when Aborlan was converted into a municipality pursuant to Executive Order No. 232.

The only town in the Province with an Agricultural University, its establishment in 1910, paved the way for scientific farming in Palawan.

An ideal place for swimming
The cave is located at the mountain interior part of Bgy. Sagpangan in Sitio Ibato



Amid symbols and dances evoking harmony, abundance and good will, the new home for Palawan history, both past and present, cultural treasures, art and culture finally opened its doors to Palaweños, guests, tourists and visitors.

The opening was held on June 23, a special day for Palawan, as  it marked the 109th founding anniversary of the Palawan civil government and culmination of the 2011 Baragatan sa Palawan Festival with no less than Palawan Gov.Abraham Kahlil B. Mitra and Vice Gov. Fems Reyes leading the opening rites.

The center is a modern museum with a more upbeat design, touch, look and ambience. It boasts of a hologram of a Tagbanua lass greeting the visitors with her gracious and warm welcome and inviting them to have a deeper appreciation of her home province. A must see in the Palawan Heritage Center is the Tabon Cave which has a very significant contribution to researches on the country’s history.

There are several interactive info kiosks providing visitors with information on Palawan history, people, art and culture and governance.


Located in the northern most part of mainland Palawan covering a total of approximately 50,000 hectares of land, El Nido is one of the jewels of Palawan. Its unrivaled beauty rests on its massive limestone islands, bordered by powder-fine beaches, with cliffs jutting from translucent waters. El Nido is a unique travel destination well-suited for those who want to commune with nature. It was first declared a marine reserve and later a protected area by the Philippine government.

There are at least six lagoons in EL NIDO, the most famous and easily accessible are the BIG and SMALL Lagoons at Miniloc Island. Believed to be cave whose roofs collapsed millions of years ago, the Big and Small Lagoons are best explored on a kayak or while snorkeling.

Palawan news from: http://www.palawan.gov.ph/

About the Philippines

Know for having more than 7,100 islands and islets, the Philippines is one country that’s truly remarkable. This archipelago is in a perfect location in Southeast Asia where its tropical climate is a prime attraction. Because of this, it has grown to be one of the favorite getaways destinations of people from all over the world. There is radically more to it than what’s in the news. Its culture ever colorful; its ecosystems thriving with life; its vacation spots pulsating with splendor, constantly creating awe; and its people always warm-hearted.

The Philippines has undoubtedly marked itself on the map as one of the hottest travel destinations these days. Its three main islands, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, are envied for its kilometers of coastlines that house fantastic beaches and dive spots in Boracay and Palawan. Each boasts of its own set of breathtaking land forms and forests you never know existed. Its flourishing wildlife – both in water and on land – is incomparable.

Some of the country’s wealth and pride include the magnificent Banaue Rice Terraces hailed as one of the Eight Wonders of the World. The Philippines is also home to interesting species like tarsiers, the smallest monkey on the face of the earth which can be spotted only in Bohol, and the endangered dugongs (sea cows) that live in the waters of Palawan. It’s where the nenowned Boracay, a jewel for beach and water enthusiasts, is settled. It’s a sanctuary for those wanting oneness with nature. Palawan, the Philippines’ last frontier, has a thriving ecosystems that’s within grasp of vacationers. The Filipinos, which are a radical mix of extraordinary hospitable peoples, are a wonder.

With a total land area of 300,000sqm and a having some 85M population, the Philippines is truly a country of splendor. It’s graced with an abundance of natural resources.

Palawan-Nature’s Last Frontier

Palawan. It is the gateway to adventures of indescribable, unexpected, and charming thrills. The biggest province of the country with 1,768 islands and islets, Palawan is an enchanting locale of clear waters, magical sandbars that appear and fade from view with the ebb and flow of tides. A many splendored province of abundant wildlife, amazing resources, palawan resorts one of the best accommodations in the Philippines and extraordinary natural beauty, Palawan is unique in many incomparable ways – from rare flora and fauna to scenic wonders, and rare aquatic finds and displays. Indeed, it is rightfully dubbed, the nation’s last nature frontier.

Tubbataha Palawan

Ever since hearing about Tubbataha, I’ve wanted to go there. It was at a dinner party talking to someone who had just accompanied a team from National Geographic to the site when I got hooked. His description made the marine sanctuary sound mythical.

Adding to the allure was that Tubbataha is reachable only after a 10 hour boat ride from Puerto Princesa. Palawan Resorts. No day-trippers here. It’s visited mainly by scuba divers (snorkeling is not allowed) who come on designated live-aboard dive boats. Furthermore, given its location in the middle of the sea storm-prone tropical weather, only three months of the year, April to June, are considered safe for visiting.

Dos Palmas Resort – Palawan Resorts Accommodation

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Surrounded by the clear blue sea and a vast and richly diverse ecosystem, explore the many opportunities for adventure, fun and relaxation. Luxuriate in doing nothing-or indulge in everything you’ve always wanted to do.

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A Great Island Celebration!

Escape to a 20-hectare private island in the tropical waters of Honda Bay. Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa in Palawan. Palawan Resorts offers the ideal setting in which to celebrate a great island experience. Banked by long white sand beaches on one side and hectares of mangroves on the other, our location is isolated enough to transport guests away from the everyday cares of urban living. Surrounded by nature, yet embraced by the comforts of our modern facilities and accommodations, you are free to find your own adventure.